Hypericum calycinum
Creeping St. John's Wort

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
Yellow (Interesting, bright yellow 3" flowers with a dome of stamens on new growth in the summer)
Green (Dark blue-green leaves, glaucous beneath; no appreciable fall color)
Brown (Not ornamentally important)
 Ultimate Height:
18 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
24 feet
Widely adapted to soils; best in well-drained soil
Southeastern Europe, Turkey
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Opposite, simple, ovate, sessile leaves (2-4" long by 0.5-1.75" wide) arranged with a decussate phyllotaxy (where leaf pairs, in an opposite arrangement, grow perpindicular to the previous pair). The showy flowers, borne in small cymes, are 2- 3" across with 5 petals and a large dome of numerous long stamens. Stems are 4-angled.

Additional Information

Relatively trouble-free. Tolerates dry conditions well (even drier shade). Generally, tops are killed back in severe winters near its limit of hardiness. Mowing to the ground each spring improves aesthetics of the following regrowth. Slow to leaf out in spring. Can be invasive via spreading stolons. Poisonous to animals.

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