Paeonia suffruticosa 'Hana-kisoi' [sold as Floral Rivalry™]
Floral Rivalry Tree Peony

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
Pink (Large (6-8" wide), semi-double pink flowers with a sizeable group of showy yellow stamens in the center; May)
Green (Deeply divided foliage that is whitish underneath; no appreciable fall color)
Green;black (Dehiscent, pubescent 5-parted green capsules that mature to brown; the seeds within are a glossy brownish-black)
 Ultimate Height:
3-5 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
3-5 feet
Deep, fertile soil that is well-drained
Cultivated origin
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Leaves (10-12" long) are alternate, biternate (divided doubly into groups of threes), and pale underneath. Leaflets are oval to lance shaped with 3-5 lobes.

Additional Information

The Tree Peony is a long-lived, very showy, deciduous shrub that produces numerous large, beautiful flowers beginning in mid to late spring. 'Hanna-kisoi', frequently sold under the name Floral Rivalry, has large, pink, semi-double blossoms. These plants do best in a deep, fertile, and well-drained soil, with some protection from strong winds. In colder climates, some winter protection is beneficial to prevent desiccation. The only pruning necessary is to remove dead wood and suckers in early spring, or a light pruning in the fall if the plant becomes leggy. Once planted, it is advisable not to move or disturb this species.

When Paeonia suffruticosa 'Hana-kisoi' [sold as Floral Rivalry™] has been observed flowering or fruiting at Purdue University


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