Cycas revoluta
Sago Palm

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
Green (Long, glossy pinnately compound evergreen leaves)
Red (Fruit are 2" orange-red seeds that are somewhat flattened)
 Ultimate Height:
8-10 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
8-10 feet
Tolerates various well-drained soils
Southern Japan
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Evergreen 3-4' pinnate leaves lined with 7" long by 3/8" wide pinnae. Glossy green with leaflets reduced to prickles at base of rachis.

Additional Information

Unlike what the common name suggests, the Sago Palm is not a true palm, but actually a cycad. Useful for fine planting near entranceway. Not salt tolerant. Scale, leaf spot, micronutrient deficiencies can be problems. The variety variegata has yellow-green leaf variegation patterns.

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