Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA1' [sold as Invincibelle Spirit®]
Invincibelle Spirit Smooth Hydrangea

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
Pink (Up to 8" wide corymbs of sterile pink flowers occuring in June)
Green (Dark green summer foliage); Brown (Fall foliage is generally a poor brown, green, or yellow)
 Ultimate Height:
3-4 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
3-4 feet
Adaptable, but not tolerant of dry soils
Cultivated origin
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Opposite, simple, ovate to elliptic leaves (3-8" long by 2-6" wide). Serrated leaves with rounded or cordate base. Shiny young branches, exfoliating older stems.

Additional Information

The Invincibelle Spirit Smooth Hydrangea produces large (larger than the straight species), upright globular heads of sterile, pink flowers in June. Tops usually die back in extreme Northern regions of its hardiness zone (including Zones 4 and 5). However, flowers are on new wood, and they still appear when tops are winter killed, or plants are pruned to ground. Winter killed branches need removal. Not drought tolerant. Poor, coarse form in the winter landscape. Many feel that the dried flower heads are unattractive left on the plant.

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