Actinidia arguta
Bower Actinidia

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
White (Greenish-white with purple-anthered flowers in summer, but they are inconspicuous as they are hidden by leaves)
Green (Lustrous, unmarred, dark green leaves in summer); Yellow (Fall color not ornamentally important; little fall foliage coloration before dropping yellowish)
Green (A 1.0" long greenish edible berry in the fall)
 Ultimate Height:
25-30 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
25-30 feet
Best in infertile soil to slow its growth
Korea, Manchuria, and Japan
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Alternate leaves, 3-5" long, with dentate margins and red petioles. Twining vine. Leaf scar raised and rounded like an eyeball.

Additional Information

Requires a strong support. Dioecious. Flesh, seed, and fuzzless skin of fruit is edible, and has high vitamin C content. Rampant growth needs pruning. Japanese beetles have some attraction to the foliage.

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