Eucommia ulmoides
Hardy Rubber Tree

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
Brown (Dioecious; not ornamentally important)
Green (Lustrous deep green summer foliage; no appreciable fall color)
Green (1.5" long winged oval capsule that emerges green and ripens to brown; not ornamentally important)
 Ultimate Height:
40-60 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
40-60 feet
Tolerant of various soils and is pH adaptable
Central China (although it now appears to be extinct in the wild)
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Glossy dark green leaves (3-6" long by 1.5-3" wide) are alternate, simple, and ovate with acuminate apex and serrated margins. Buds have imbricate scales; terminal buds absent. Bark is ridged and furrowed on mature trees. When torn or broken, leaves, twigs, and bark exude a stringy, rubbery sap.

Additional Information

The Hardy Rubber Tree is an adaptable, relatively trouble-free plant that makes for an excellent shade tree. Its sap can be harvested for rubber, but this is an expensive and complex process. The specific epithet (ulmoides) refers to the leaf shape of the Elm genus (Ulmus), which is similar to that of Hardy Rubber Tree leaves.

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