Amorpha fruticosaIndiana Native
Indigobush Amorpha

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
Purple;orange (Purplish-blue;Orange anthers)
Green (Bright green in Summer); Yellow (Slight yellowish coloration in the Fall)
 Ultimate Height:
6-20 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
8-10 feet
 Light Requirements:
Does extremely well in poor, dry, sandy soils. This plant is pH adaptable.
Connecticut to Minnesota, south from Louisiana to Florida
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
The leaves of the Amorpha fruticosa are alternate, pinnately compound, with up to 13 to 33 leaflets that are oval or elliptical. Leaflets are 1/2 -1 1/2" long and 1/4 to 1/2" wide. The leaflets are also mucronate at the apex and rounded at the ends. The leaflets could either be finely pubescent or glabrous, with short thread-like stipule at the base of each leaflets and having transparent dots on the blades. The fruits of the Amorpha fruticosa can provide a good identification feature because they presist into winter and are small, 1/3"long, warty and are housed inside kidney shaped pods.

Additional Information

The Indigobush Amorpha is a Indiana native shrub that can be found along river banks and shallow marshes. This shrub can be planted in areas of poor soil where few other plants will survive, as well as used for erosion control. To avoid weediness, seeds can be collected shortly after flowering as it can spread readily by seeds. Common problems of Amorpha fruticosa includes rust, leaf spots, powdery mildew and twig canker. Some gall problems are observed in this plant as well.

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