Viburnum × burkwoodii 'Chenaultii'
Chenault Burkwood Viburnum

 Plant Type:
 Deciduous / Evergreen:
White (Pink in bud opening to white in flower, appearing in early May, smelling a bit like cloves; 2.5" dia. hemispherical cymes open with foliage)
Green (The semi-evergreen foliage is dark green and lustrous above and light gray below; summer); Red (Wine-red in late autumn before falling; inconsistent)
Red (Red berries in late fall ripen to black; not overly ornamental)
 Ultimate Height:
8-10 feet
 Ultimate Spread:
6-8 feet
Widely adapted to soils
Cultivated origin
 Diagnostic Characteristics:
Leaves (smaller and finer than the species type) are opposite, simple, oblong to ovate, and rounded or heart-shaped. Upper leaf surface dark green and shiny, yet moderately rough to the touch, whereas the underside is gray-brown and pubescent, having rusty brown veins. Leaf buds are foliose, naked, tomentose. Flower buds resemble small cauliflowers.

Additional Information

'Chenaultii' has a finer-textured, more delicate appearance than the species type due to its smaller leaves and thinner branches. Trouble-free plant tolerant of soils and pollution (except sulfur). Also, does not tolerate more severe drought. Very fragrant when in bloom, although to a lesser degree than Viburnum carlesii (Koreanspice Viburnum). Bacterial spot and powdery mildew susceptibility (but not always a problem). Sulfur containing pesticides burn or defoliate leaves. Too thin to be a solid screen.

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